Day 28: 2MASS

I spent the first half of my day waiting for my advisor to come in. Around noon I got a new assignment; I have to download information for the galaxies in 2MASS. I’m hoping to get them done by the end of the day tomorrow, so that I can get some work done on my presentation.


Day 27: W4

I was a little tired this morning after last nights adventure, but I was determined to either finish the region files for the W4 band, or get fairly close to doing so. Therefore, I spent my entire day going through the images in the W4 band, and creating there region files. I found that this band went a little faster than W3, since I had more experience making them. Now I just have to show Sravani a sample of some of the files that I have made so that she can make sure that I am on track. Other than that, it seems like I am done making region files.

Day 26: Mees Observatory!

Today was absolutely spectacular. Everyone came into work a little later than usual, so that we could take a field trip to Mees Observatory. Before we went, we had dinner, catered by Sticky Lips, at Mendon Ponds. Dinner was really good, and it was fun to just hang out with everyone for a little bit. Then we took a fairly long, but enjoyable, bus ride to the observatory. We were given a presentation/quiz about different aspects of space: the technology, planets, etc. After the presentation everyone took a small hike up a hill to the observatory. Using the telescope we saw a double star, a galaxy, a nebula, and a cluster of stars. This was the highlight of my day. Even without the telescope, we had an excellent view of the sky, and we could see constellations, satellites, meteors, and even some of the milky way. I got really excited every time I managed to catch a glimpse of a meteor, they were so fun to look at! I probably could have spent the entire night there…

Day 25: W3 is Done!!!!

Today was bring-your-friend-to-work day, and while I did not bring a friend, it was nice to meet everyone else’s friends. It was also fun to show some of them what I do. Other than that, I spent my whole day going back through the W3 band. Now W3 is done!!!! On Monday I’ll be able to move on to W4!! Today has been a pretty fantastic day 🙂

Day 24: Presentation Outlines

This morning we peer reviewed our presentation outlines. It seems like mine is alright, now it’s just a matter of beginning to make the actual presentation over the next two weeks. For the rest of the day I did some more region files. After meeting with Sravani I’m more confident in my file making abilities, but I decided to go back and double check some of the ones I already have done (I went a little overboard on some). Now I have a nice rhythm going, and I feel like I’m getting a lot done, soon I might even be able to move onto the images in the W4 band! 🙂

Day 23: More Region Files

Today I came in a little bit earlier because I had to leave early, so this way I got some solid hours of region file making done. However, I soon learned that I have been going a little overboard with some of my region files, so at some point I have to go back and fix the few that were over-circled. Around lunchtime I went to the fishbowl to attend Sravani’s talk on astrostatistics, and when that was over I just stayed there for the summer movie series. This week the video’s were Ted Talk’s again. I really enjoy Ted Talks and this weeks were really interesting; there was one on learning to love classical music, one was on people’s fear of rejection, another was on learning through debate/conflict, and the last was a talk by the man who made Google Maps. After Ted Talks I did some more region files, so I’m almost done with the W3 band.

Day 22: Being a Guinea Pig

Most of my day was spent making more region files in the W3 band. This looks like it might end up taking me a bit longer than I thought it would, but I don’t mind, they’re fun to do. In the afternoon I volunteered to help the Insight Lab test out the usability of some of their projects. This involved playing with all of the learning tools they developed and filling out a survey, and eating cookies, which is always a bonus. Then right after that, it was time for me to fulfill my duties as a guinea pig for Simran and MIa’s experiment. I always enjoy this because it’s cool to learn what the other interns are working on.

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