Day 23: More Region Files

Today I came in a little bit earlier because I had to leave early, so this way I got some solid hours of region file making done. However, I soon learned that I have been going a little overboard with some of my region files, so at some point I have to go back and fix the few that were over-circled. Around lunchtime I went to the fishbowl to attend Sravani’s talk on astrostatistics, and when that was over I just stayed there for the summer movie series. This week the video’s were Ted Talk’s again. I really enjoy Ted Talks and this weeks were really interesting; there was one on learning to love classical music, one was on people’s fear of rejection, another was on learning through debate/conflict, and the last was a talk by the man who made Google Maps. After Ted Talks I did some more region files, so I’m almost done with the W3 band.


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