Day 19: Tutorials

Remember the tutorial for IRAF that I talked about a few posts ago? Well, today, I finally got through it and understood what I was doing at the same time. It was a very exciting moment. When I was done with that one Sravani gave me another to do, this one got me used to doing larger tasks with IRAF that involved things such as parameters. Now that I sort of understand what I’m doing, IRAF is pretty fun. I know a lot of the simple commands, and how to use it side by side with DS9. Next on my to do list is to make region files for the W3 and W4 bands. I’m not really sure what that involves, but on Monday Katie is going to show me how, since she has to work on the W1 and W2 bands. In the meantime, it is my job to go back and download all of the images for the galaxies in the W1 band, since those are the only ones I didn’t have to download at the beginning of the internship. 


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