Day 15: More IRAF

Before I even started anything, I had to go back to the gator catalog because there were some galaxies that I was not able to find any data on the first time, so I had left them blank. When I returned to the catalog, I found that if I just searched the galaxies by their name rather than their coordinates, I was able to get some results. After fixing that, I went to another LAMA meeting. I’ve found that I actually enjoy going to these meetings, it’s fun to hear about what other people are studying, especially when I can follow along with what they are saying. Today Katie presented. Between Sravani’s presentation on Tuesday, and Katie’s today, I have a better grasp of how what I am doing is contributing to our little research group. After the LAMA meeting, it was around lunch time and it was time for our Friday cookout. I really look forward to these because it’s just fun to casually hang out with all of the other interns. However, after lunch, it was back to business. I read a little more of one of the manuals, and decided to attempt the tutorial…again. I have just started to tackle it, but so far it definitely makes a little bit more sense, the manual has helped a lot. 


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