Day 14: IRAF and Abstracts

Yesterday was the first milestone for all of the interns, which meant we had to have a title and an abstract ready by nine o’clock. Today at our morning meeting we went through all of them and did a peer review. It was nice to get feedback from someone other than myself, and everyone had really useful input. After the meeting, I made the changes that everyone had suggested, so it sounds much better now. Then it was back to trying to figure out IRAF. This has been quite a challenge between today and yesterday. At first I started with the tutorial, but it did not take me long to realize that I did not have enough background information to fully understand what it was saying. Therefore, I decided to start reading one of two manuals that were sent to me from Katie. I am still at the beginning, but so far the manual makes much more sense than the tutorial, and it is helping me understand it. I think from here I’m just going to read the rest of both manuals, and then I will attempt the tutorial again, and ask Katie if I hit any speed bumps. Hopefully, tomorrow Sravani will be here, so I can find out what she wants me to do with IRAF. I think once I know what I’m going to be doing with it, I’ll be able to approach the tutorial and the manuals from a better perspective. In general, today I have started to gain a better understanding of IRAF, and hopefully tomorrow will be even more productive. Just as a side note, today they gave us these really awesome bracelets, that have flash drives on them! They’re probably the coolest things ever, but that’s just my opinion. 


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  1. mia vyso
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 19:22:11

    Flash drives that are also bracelets are cool, but the ones named Rual are cooler22!2
    Si1mr4an 814is4 a5111b03ad2002p0e2so02n3023023!023!!203!203230023230


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