Day 5: Downloads Complete!

I came in a little earlier today so that I could go back and rename all of the files from yesterday that were not labeled with their galaxy name. It was nice having that done early this morning, so that I had the rest of the day to continue what I had already started. Before lunch today, I attended the lama meeting, which I soon discovered has nothing to do with the animal llama (to my disappointment). Even though there were no llamas in attendance, the meeting was interesting. Basically, it was a group of people who are conducting research this summer, and they presented what they were working on to everyone else. While I was not able to understand the first two presentations, I was able to follow the third, and I found it really interesting. Moreover, I was excited because part of the reason I was able to follow his presentation was because of the information I was given from the reading I had done earlier this week. I love that I am learning things that are helping me to comprehend, and in some aspects, participate in higher level research. Seeing as how today is Friday, for lunch they had a grill outside and a volleyball net. In other words, lunch was awesome today. For the rest of my day I finished downloading all of the images of the different galaxies. I officially have all 236 of them on this very computer! Now it’s time for me to start collecting all of the information on them…


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