Day 4: Downloading

I have begun to do things! This summer I will be working with 236 images of different galaxies, and today I successfully downloaded 130 of them. It took me a large part of the day, mostly because it took me awhile to figure out how to download the images from the website. After much tinkering, I finally had a system down, and by the late afternoon, I had downloaded a little over half of the pictures. However, I realized that as I was doing this I was not labeling the folders of the images with their corresponding galaxy name, but I knew what order I had retrieved them in. Therefore, tomorrow I am going to have to go back and label the folders, and then attempt to download the remaining images. At the end of my day I attended the undergraduate seminar, which was on using nanotechnology to see atoms. I would talk more in depth about it, but most of the information was beyond me. In general, today felt productive, and all of the galaxy images were really cool to look at.


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