Day 3: Opening Doors…Literally

Well, there isn’t too much for me to say about today. I spent much of my morning in the Reading Room, waiting for access to a laptop, but it wasn’t that bad. In the mean time, I got the opportunity to better get to know some of the other interns who also had a lot of down time. Around noon all of the interns gathered and we headed downstairs for Ted Talk’s. This was something I had been looking forward to because I had never actually watched any Ted Talk’s; plus, it didn’t hurt that they gave us free pizza and popcorn. One of the video clips that really interested me was where they discussed the biotechnology behind aiding people who were blind to see. They used implants that stimulated the retinas to see what was caught by the camera that was attached to a pair of glasses that the patient had to wear. I also enjoyed watching the clip that evaluated the optics behind making things appear invisible to the human eye. I had never realized that anything like that could even potentially be possible, I thought it would be an idea forever trapped in the realms of Harry Potter. When Ted Talk’s was over, I was recruited for some manual labor (this I was more than willing to do to get away from the Reading Room, even if just for a moment). Ian, John, Robert and I helped unload a truck full of pieces meant to become a clean room in the basement. Mostly, once everything was unloaded, my job was to ensure that the elevators doors did not close while everyone else was loading and unloading things between the two floors. I was great at holding the “open door” button, if I do say so myself. After finally getting everything downstairs, I went to find one of my advisors who gave me an “Introduction to Modern Astrophysics” textbook, in which I successfully read one of the three chapters that I will have to get through. So far I am enjoying my time as an intern, and hopefully tomorrow I will get to start working with more galaxies and computers.


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  1. Michelle Dukes
    Jul 21, 2013 @ 00:27:19

    I’m really enjoying reading about your days…I’m just now getting all caught up. And I always knew you’d be good at working the ‘hold door’ button! 😉


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