Day 2: A LOT of Reading

When my day began I was given a large packet, and to be honest, I was kind of excited. I was looking forward to getting to start my summer intern career and getting to learn new things. However, I then began reading the packet. This brought me to the realization that I know very little about the parts and occurrences within a galaxy, but I was determined to understand what I was reading. I had a computer and a dictionary at the ready. After looking things up often I finally finished the 15 pages of text a few hours later. I had never felt so accomplished; plus, I actually understood some of it’s general meaning. Whatever questions I had left I was able to ask Alex, one of the college students working in my lab, and he helped me better understand what was going on. After my reading adventure, I was off to take part in a Science meeting. In this meeting I met the people who would be giving me all of my work for the summer. I learned a little about the projects that they have been working on, and then Katie took me down to their office. In general, it seems like I will be working with a giant number of pictures of different galaxies, and I’m really excited about it. Tomorrow I will learn how to use the different programs and how to record the data, and, most excitingly, I will finally get to start doing things. 🙂


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