Day 1: Scavenger Hunts and Introductions

Today was my first day as an Imaging Science intern at RIT! When everyone had arrived this morning we went over the basics: how each day will go, how to clock in and out, and the general expectations that we will be held to throughout the summer. Just based off of our morning discussion it seems like my summer is going to be fairly interesting and exciting. After we talked about what would be happening during the internship, we broke into three groups to go on a campus wide scavenger hunt. Each group was given a collection of pictures that could be found in various places throughout RIT, and was told to video tape each object that they found. It was really fun going around campus trying to find all of the random objects; it helped in getting to know the area a little better. When we returned to the Center for Imaging Science each group had to edit their video for it to be judged by some of our advisors. My groups name ended up being “Those Interns” (haha), and after everyone presented my group ended up winning some pretty fabulous Imaging Science sunglasses. After the scavenger hunt it was time for all of the interns to split up into their different labs. The lab I am assigned to for the rest of the summer is the Insight Lab, along with two other interns, Ian and John. We were introduced to our advisor, Dr. Noel-Storr, who showed us the different rooms that we would be working in, and introduced us to the students who were running the project. Although I was not given instructions of what my tasks would be this summer, I’m hoping to figure out more details tomorrow. I’m looking forward to finally getting to start!


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