Day 35: Final Presentations

Well, Friday was our final presentations, and the last day of the internship. Everyone did so well presenting!!! It’s hard to believe that I won’t be returning to RIT Monday morning to do some more work with my galaxies. This summer has been such an amazing experience and I’m so happy to have been a part of it. I learned a lot and I met a lot of amazing people; it’s sad to know that it’s over. I have to thank my advisors Dr. Jake Noel-Storr, Dr. Stefi Baum, and Dr. Chris O’Dea for helping me learn so much this summer. Also I have to thank Sravani and Katie for being so patient and answering all of my endless questions, but I’d especially like to thank Bethany Choate and Bob Callens for making this internship so¬†spectacular. This summer is going to be hard to top!


Day 34: Presentation Prep

This morning all of the interns went through their presentations. I thought that everyone did a really nice job talking about what they did over the summer. Although going through my presentation today made me feel better about tomorrow, I’m still a little nervous. Mostly, I’m just sad that the internship is basically over. It really has been a great experience, and I have enjoyed every step along the way. I got to work with some really cool people, and I learned a lot. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day!!

Day 33: Wrapping it Up

I met with Sravani again today and wrapped up the rest of my presentation. It seems like I’m basically ready to at least practice my presentation. Today was also Christmas in August. It was crazy fantastic, we did a secret santa amongst all of the interns. I learned that Kellyn was my secret santa and she completely made my week with a Perry the Platypus backpack ūüôā

Day 32: Progress!

Today I had a meeting with Sravani that proved to be really helpful. She helped me a lot with my presentation, so now I think it is nearly done. I just have a few more things to add or tweak. Tomorrow Sravani is going to meet with me again to make sure that I have all of the concepts down, so I don’t make a mistake with my¬†information during my presentation. I’m feeling more confident as the week moves along, but it seems to be going so fast….

Day 31: Region Files

Today I received an email from Sravani asking me to go back through and edit some of the W1 region files. I’m hoping to get those done fairly quickly, so that I can focus more on my presentation this week. It looks like I’m going to have a rather busy week.¬†

Day 30: Eye of the Tiger

Today I made a lot of progress on my powerpoint presentation. My goal was to gather all of the images I wanted to used from what I did throughout the internship. I got all but one of them, so I will work on that on Monday. I’m so sad today was our last internship Friday picnic. I know I’ve mentioned this, but I’m going to miss everyone when this is over!

Day 29: Presentation Prep

In the morning I finished gathering the information for Sravani in 2mass, so I officially have no more work to do. After that I went back to my presentation outline and made it more in depth, so I could get an even better grasp on how I wanted to present. I sent it to Sravani, so I could get some feedback on it. She gave me some constructive criticism and tomorrow I will begin working on my powerpoint. 

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